Carbon Fibre Technology

Carbon Fibre Technology

The use of carbon fibre and composites in motor vehicle manufacture is increasing as vehicle light weighting becomes a vital component in automotive design and development; not only for performance but also to assist in meeting ever growing environmental pressures. Chartwell is a pioneer in this area, supporting motor manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and most recently McLaren, in the repair and replacement of Carbon Fibre and composite structures for the last 10 years.

This technology is not isolated to the supercar arena and is being employed on many mainstream prestige vehicles and will be used on all vehicles over time in some form or another due to its lightness, strength and unique qualities during crash situations.

At Chartwell we have invested heavily in these technologies and we understand how to approach and repair vehicles of this type without compromising their structural integrity. Using authorised manufacturer repair techniques we ensure the vehicles authenticity is reinstated during any repair process. 

Carbon Fibre Composite Parts

In addition Chartwell can assist in the sourcing and fitment of all genuine carbon fibre composite parts and accessories for all vehicles allowing you to individualise your vehicle to your exact desires.