Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment & SAFETY SYSTEMS

At Chartwell we have the extended knowledge, experience and equipment to check and reset the alignment of any vehicle body, chassis and all the related suspension components. 

We have market leading alignment equipment that uses laser technology to ensure precision alignment is achieved and it can handle all the complex vehicle geometry used in performance and prestige vehicles today.

The alignment of your suspension and drivetrain is essential for your safety and for the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. Here at Chartwell we have a tailored service to ensure your alignment is set up as the manufacturer intended, regardless of the specialist accessories or upgrades you may have added to your vehicle.

Lane Change Assist 

Lane Change Assist uses radar sensors to monitor the area behind the car and the blind spot. From a speed around 18 mph, the system provides information about cars approaching from behind, or in the blind spot,via an optical signal in the window triangle. On the motorway especially, theLane Change Assist provides extra comfort and safety, but it does not interfere with the driving and it can be deactivated any time.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Available as an optional extra on many vehicles. Theses systems regulate the speed of your vehicle automatically, depending on the distance to the car in front, by the radar sensor monitoring the area in front of your car. If you have set a certain speed and you are getting closer to a car in front of you that is travelling slower, then your system will reduce your speed by taking away some acceleration and careful braking, until the pre-set distance has been achieved.Your vehicle now keeps that distance from the car travelling in front of you.If it applies the brakes, then the adaptive cruise control also reduces the speed, until the vehicle reaches a standstill.

The system also prepares for braking, if the distance to the car in front is decreasing. It will normally warn you with sound and visual signals if it recognises the situation as a potential accident risk. In addition, the brake is briefly engaged.

At Chartwell we are able to reset and reinstate these systems after an accident or repair to ensure your vehicle behaves as the manufacturer intended.This is a crucial part of any repair and it requires approved measuring equipment and specific manufacturer training to master these complicated systems.

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